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Storage statement

· Products Storage

To keep your products well (especially food and skin care products), we suggest you submit parcels as soon as products arrived our warehouse.

Storage policy:

Free storage time: We start to calculate the storage time when your item status changes to "Arrived” . We will keep your products well within free storage period.

Ordinary member: 90 days free storage.

VIP member: 180 days free storage.

Charge storage fee time: If your free storage time has run out and you still haven't shipped your products, then your products status will change to “Storing”. We will charge storage fee 0.168 USD per item, per day.

Overdue time: Your products status shows “Abandon”. This means you have given up your products and will no longer be able to receive them. We will not take any responsibility for your products.

Ordinary member: Arrived (90 days) + Storing (90 days) = Abandon (180 days)

VIP member: Arrived (180 days) + Storing (90 days) = Abandon (270 days)

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