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• Agent Shopping Fee

Agent shopping total price:

(Items fee + domestic delivery fee + service fee +international shipping fee)

1. Items price: The item price is shown on the product page.

2. Domestic delivery fee: Buying many items from same seller will save you a lot on domestic shipping. Most domestic delivery companies charge 10 to 15 RMB per kilogram. The fee differs according to the courier, parcel weight, and distance between seller and buyer's locations.

3. Service fee: 8% * (items fee + domestic delivery fee). However, the minimum service fee is 5 USD per parcel.

More fees refer:

1. Bank service fee of different payments : ( USD )

2. Insurance fee (optional): it is 3% of insurance fee; you can choose it or don’t choose it. It’s for whole order includes items fee, domestic delivery fee, service fee, international shipping fee and bank service fee).

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